How to Beat Procrastination

I’d just like to state that instead of planning my NaNo novel I am procrastinating by writing an article on procrastination. Oh the Irony….

Anyways, with NaNoWriMo coming up, there is going to be a whole lot of words needing to be written and a dark looming deadline for when they need to be done. We all know what comes with that package- procrastination.

I don’t know about you but I am a HUGE procrastinator even with the simplest of tasks. If only it were a subject at school- I would get 100% for sure. But in NaNo we MUST wave the procrastinator monster away (Well, at least for most of the time- Netflix would be impossible to give up).

That being said, here are my top tips for beating procrastination:

  1. Turn off your phone. Or the wifi. Or both. A study made in The University of California shows that it can take your brain up to twenty-five minutes (25 minutes and 15 seconds average) to get back to the task at hand after being interrupted. I’m sure we all know how tempting it is to watch that new youtube video that just popped up in your notifications or reply to a text your friend sent you about the new Harry Potter film (*fangirls*). But that quick reply often leads to a conversation and what was just going to be a sneak peak at the video can lead to a full blown youtube marathon. And even if this isn’t the case- that you have enough self-control for it to just be a quick reply or sneak peek (in which case I respect you deeply) the point is that you still would have been distracted and your concentration taken away from your writing. So prevent these distractions by putting your phone on silent or you could always isolate yourself from humanity by living in a rainforest.

2. Have breaks. You can’t keep concentrated on one thing for hours on end unless you are some type of robot. What I suggest using is the Pomodoro Technique. This is essentially where you do work for a certain time and then have a break before getting back to that work. For example, you might write for fifty minutes and then have a ten minute break. There are timers for this online and apps which you can download. I would highly suggest this technique as it gives your brain time to rest and for you to have a little break instead of solidly doing work.

3. Have a designated space for your work. If you have a desk which you use solely for work, then this will get you into the mindset for that and make you less likely to procrastinate as you are in a space specifically for work.

4. Go to a different environment. Okay, I know this sounds a bit (well, a lot….) contradictory to point four, but I mean somewhere public. If you can, move your work outside to somewhere like a coffee shop. I find that if I am in a public space I feel forced to write as I don’t want to look lazy and there isn’t really much else to do. So instead of procrastinating, I take a big sip of a steaming hot chocolate and get back to writing. Ah, bliss.

5. Make sure to have all the things you need nearby so that you do not have to cut into your precious writing time so that you can get up and fetch them. This can be from pencils to a  glass of water and a healthy  snack to keep you going.  And by healthy I mean chocolate. And candy. Lots and lots o’ sugar….

6. Just have a break. If you really aren’t feeling in the writing spirit and you can’t bear to write then don’t. After all, you are doing it for enjoyment, right? So have a break, and that can be as long as you want/ need. There’s no point writing if you are not enjoying it unless, ya know, it’s the last day of NaNoWriMo and you are super behind. Then you MUST push through the pain and write those words!

So that’s it for this article. I’m afraid it is/ was (agh, which participle?!) quite short, but that is because I ran out of ideas/ started procrastinating. Also, I am SO sorry for the lack of photos, but I didn’t want to upload this late again! There will be pictures next week- promise!! Anyways, bye for now and I’ll be back next week with another blog posty article thingy magig. Toodles! (Agh, I love at word SO much!)

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