Sunshine Blogger Award (Part One)

So Kenzie over at Smudged Thoughts and Kit at Come, Rest a While nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger Award!! Thank you so much!! I will be doing part one with Kenzie’s questions on this blog post and a part two will follow with Kit’s.

Heeellllooooo to whoever is reading this!

So before I begin with this post I am so super sorry about my terrible ability to consistently post articles. And I know that I am saying this at the beginning of literally every single one of my posts so far but *thinks about a legitimate excuse* Christmas….? Yeah, that isn’t really an excuse- sorry!! BUT I did invest in a bullet journal to try and organize my life so hopefully that will make/ motivate me to actually post things.

Anyways, sorry again and on with the blog post!!

So Kenzie over at Smudged Thoughts and Kit at Come, Rest a While nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger Award!! Thank you so much!! I will be doing part one with Kenzie’s questions on this blog post and a part two will follow with Kit’s.

These are the rules:

  1. Thank the person who tagged you
  2. Answer their 11 questions
  3. Tag 11 people
  4. Give them 11 questions to answer

So let’s begin!

Would you rather have the power of invisibility or be able to fly? Why?                               

Invisibility for sure. Because I am an extremely nosey person and I HATE heights. Plus I’m super clumsy so I’d probably just keep bumping into birds if I could fly.


What is your element? (Fire, water, wind, earth, electricity etc.) Why?                                                     

Okay so I actually had no idea for this one- I kept changing my mind, ugh I am SO indecisive! So I ended up taking a test. I know, I know, I feel like such a cheat. But ah well. Anyways, the test told me that my element would be water. So, urm yeah, water I guess?


Are you more prone to fall in love with:  fantasy or reality? Why?                                                                 

If it is a type of book/ movie that I love it would most definitely be fantasy because reality is boring! Well not boring per say, but I would rather go to Hogwarts than an ordinary school. But, saying that, there are a lot of things I’d rather do in reality, for example I’d rather battle with a squirrel than a dragon. Not sure why I’d be battling with a squirrel though- perhaps I stole their acorn….? I don’t know, that was a bad example.


What is the weirdest memory you can recall?                                                                                  

Probably when I woke up to find one of my hamsters sat on my face. Okay, so let me explain! This hamster (Teddy) was, what I am going to call, a homing hamster. At night I would open up his cage/ house thingy and he would free range my bedroom (after hamster proofing it) then in the morning he would come back into his cage to go to sleep. He was also very clever in that fact that he was potty trained so my room didn’t become a hamster waste yard each night. So anyway, my bed is about half a meter away from the floor so he couldn’t get up it, but that night my duvet was falling off the bed. He must have turned into some type of super-hamster and climbed up onto the bed from when he proceeded to climb and sit on my face. That memory came out sounding weirder than I expected, and don’t judge me- I swear I am not some crazy hamster lady (actually, that is a lie, I am, I am definitely a crazy hamster lady- judge me all you want internet!) Oh dear, I think I should just stop writing now….


If you were to fall down a rabbit hole, where do you hope it would spit you out?                            

Well, I mean anywhere but in a muddy hole surrounded by ravenous rabbits would be pretty cool.                                                                                                                                                                

 But I would love to pop out at Hogwarts cause, ya know, magic.                      


Do you have a muse? If so, describe him/her. If not, post a picture of the object closest to your left. (Why, yes, we are turning this into some strange game. What were you expecting?)                         

Yay for games! I’m gonna go for the picture one.                                                                          

This Seagull box thingy:

FullSizeRender (1).jpgMy friend bought this for me a while back and when you open the box two seagulls pop out on springs and the box makes a seagully sound.                                                  




 FullSizeRender (2).jpgBut my little cousin once found this box and quite liked it. In fact she liked it so much that she wanted one of the seagulls. So she pulled on it. Needless to say, the spring got all twisted and broken.                                                                                                                

So now the box won’t close and whenever there is a slight movement in the room, like a door opening, it makes the seagully sound. It is extremely frustrating but I do not have the heart to throw it out- because the little seagulls are sooooo cute!


Name a book that made you feel like you were walking on sunshine (WOOOOOOOAAAAAH!)  

*Manically dances to the song*                                                                                                           

Most definitely ‘The Summer I turned pretty’ trilogy by Jenny Han (although I have only read the first two so far…). It’s one of my favourite contemporary book(s) and although it is not exactly happy and sunshiney all the time, when it is, it’s so nice and happy and AMAZING!! 


Which would you rather become famous for: a bank robbery or a murder? (I’m running out of questions, guys…)                                                                                                                                              

At first I thought bank robbery- I don’t want to murder in reality- only the poor victims of my writing.  But what if they were a super bad person and the murder was actually benefiting the world a great deal? I guess I would choose whichever one was more morally right in the situation. But would I still murder someone even if they were bad….? Ugh I don’t knooooowwww!!


If you could make one of your fictional characters real (completely visible to the entire world, even) which one would it be? Oh, and don’t forget that whatever you write about them actually comes true. In real life. (Duhn duhn DUHN!)                                                                                                               

I’m super tempted to say one of my evil characters so that they could wreck havoc upon the world *laughs manically*                                                                                                                

 But nope- cause I don’t want to die.                                                                                            

 Probably Charlotte, because she is a badass character and I don’t think she has done anything terrible. I mean she has killed a bad guy or two, but apart from that she’s all good!


Would you rather die fighting for what is right, or live knowing you let innocents perish?      

Probably die. Cause I don’t want to have many innocent lives on my coincidence. Although I say this, but I’d probably just freak out if a situation like this were to happen, and I’d most likely just crawl up into a little ball into a dark corner and hope nobody notices me…. I’d make a great superhero….

So that’s it for the questions, and I have probably scared you away by the answers. AH WELL! Onto the people I nominate:

  1. Vivian over at Writing With Style. I absolutely love her blog and she has some AMAZING bookish and writerly DIYs!
  2. Ditrie over at Ditrie Marie Bowie. She has great and informative articles on her blog which I definitely recommend you check out!

There are also a TON of other people which I want to nominate but they already have been nominated. So I have a rather weak list of two blogs, but anyone who wants to do the tag, just do it! ANd please make sure to put a link in the comments so I can read it- I’d love to!

So here are de questions:

    1. What is your favorite book and why?
    2. If you had the chance to be immortal, would you be?
    3. Describe your favorite character you have written.
    4. If you were an animal what animal would you be? Why?
    5. If you had the chance to live in a dystopian fictional universe of your choice would you? (But all the problems would remain unsolved)
    6. Name one (or more!) odd writerly thing you do.
    7. What book do you really want to be turned into a movie?
    8. What was the weirdest thing you wrote about?
    9. Would you rather write something which you are really proud of but everyone hates, or write something you hate but everyone loves? Why?
    10. Invent a worldwide event/ holiday and describe it. (Running out of ideas over here!!)
    11. Pitch your current WIP (Work In Progress) in exactly 11 words (Sorry!!)

And thank you again Kenzie for nominating me!!

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2 thoughts on “Sunshine Blogger Award (Part One)”

  1. Oh my goodness, this made me laugh out loud!!!

    First of all, your hamster sounds amazing!!! And then the seagull box is absolutely hilarious, and not to mention battling with squirrels??? This post made me laugh way too much, hahahaha!!! And ah, yes, anywhere but a muddy hole would be nice, haha!!!

    Oh my word, thank you for answering my questions! This post just made my day!!!


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