About Utterly Write

As the name suggests, Utterly Write is dedicated to writing. And reading. And fandoms. And – the lisBooks for About Met could go on, but I won’t bore you. What I’m trying to say is that Utterly Write is for anything remotely to do with fiction- the lovely place where everything and anything is possible.

The tagline on this blog is “To a great mind, nothing is little”- a quote from Sherlock Holmes. This blog seems insignificant- a tiny blog in a labyrinth of others. But to me, it is much more. It holds a little part of me, a part in which I hope to harvest and share my best ideas, and ultimately inspire others. This blog is little, but it is the little things in life which make life big.


^This is me disguised as a wizard dog- because why not?

Anyways, hello fellow writer beings; I am Hannah- the sole creator behind Utterly Write. I created this blog  because of my love for writing (and reading!). I guess it’s also here because I get to share a bit of myself with you- cause, ya know, that’s pretty awesome! But it is also here for me to learn. I am definitely not one of the best writers, so I intend to get better- to progress. And that comes from experience. So please bear with me because I will make mistakes (and probably embarrass myself terribly whilst doing so)!

On Utterly Write, I share tips and tricks for writing (which have most likely  been learnt from mistakes); book recommendations and reviews for those looking for a new and amazing read and sometimes writing excerpts of my pieces of writing which are the least terrible. And of course extreme fangirlyness and my naturally weird nature (If I haven’t already scared you away already…)

Random (And totally unrelated from writing) Facts About Me :

  • Mcfly and Busted are my favourite bands (I am OBSESSED!)
  • I have a perfectly rational fear of footballs since I threw one and it hurtled back at my unexpected face when I was younger (Darn you wall…)
  • My guinea pigs have a teddy bear toy box (Guinea Pig+Teddy= Cutest thing EVER!)
  • Due to a highly catchy youtube video, I can now recite 130 of the periodic table elements in order
  • Wasps are the bane of my existence
  • And the fact that I have run out of facts for the random fact, fact section. Factety, Facts…

I hope you enjoy my blog as I certainly enjoy writing it. Keep Writing!




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