Hi, I’m Hannah and it is my ambition to become a published author. I love anything to do with writing, so ‘Utterly Write’ is dedicated to just that. If you are looking for a blog to inspire you to write and reach your goals with help served up on the side, then this is the blog for you.

About Utterly Write

Utterly Write strives make your writing abilities grow, alongside motivating you to write and achieve your goals. On Utterly Write you will find:

  • Articles jam-packed with information to help evolve your writing
  • Articles to inspire and motivate you to write
  • Worksheets to aid you with writing and planning

Utterly Write is made for you. So if you have any suggestions to improve the site or certain subjects you would like an article written about, please comment on any article or page on the blog.

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About Me

I first discovered my love for writing at the age of five when I wrote, and made, a collection of small books centered around adventures that animals had. This started the fire I have for writing and I continued to write short stories, as well as an extensive collection of scripts, from this age. The first time I wrote something on a large scale was recent- during 2015 NaNoWriMo which was when I wrote the first draft to a YA, fantasy and dystopian novel which I am currently working on. Since then I have progressed a lot  in my writing abilities as it has pushed me to write more and fueled my passion for it. I am still progressing and learning more every day to improve my skills. This ultimately inspired me to create ‘Utterly Write’. This blog is dedicated to not only giving you tips and tricks but to inspire and motivate you to write. I aim to aid you with all aspects of your writing that I can, and help unleash your creative side.

If you have any questions about writing, simply comment them onto my blog. I will do my best to answer them and, in some cases, I will create a blog post about your query.

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